Mission & Vision

a kingdom minded church

Our Mission

To develop and empower each son and daughter of the house so that they are able to represent and establish the kingdom of God in every area of his/her life.

Our Vision

To see our church and community thrive and flourish by the influence of the kingdom of God.

Core Values

The presence of God fusion us into his purposes, it attracts us to his heart, it makes access and it guide us. Therefore, we cannot go without his presence. We seek to host his presence in every area of our lives, Psalms 127:1.
Our community is authentic and genuinely connected, multicultural, multigenerational, where exists organic, intimate and lovely relationships, guided with honor and faithfulness, where the human needs are affected by the love of Christ, Acts 2:44-47.
We constantly look for new and different thinking outside the box. In a world that is changing constantly and rapidly, this creates opportunities to establish the kingdom of God in a relevant and pertinent way. We try to make innovative processes and atmospheres that motivate and reward creativity, 1 Chronicles 12:32.
We honor God and we honor one another through respect, love, living with integrity, both personally and in community. Honor is the emblem that we carry and live inside and outside our church, and in every leadership level, Romans 12:10.
The leadership of our church is accountable to its vision, mission and core values. Making sure the vision, mission and values are carried to all parts of our organization. Our leadership flows out of being not out of doing, 1 Corinthians 4:2.
We are prepared to commit our service beyond the church. Investing our resources, time and talents, to the service of our King and His kingdom, sacrificially and strategically; impacting from our context out to the nations and unlocking and using our gifts for expansion, Mark 10:45; John 13:15.
Our excellence in church is the awe-inspiring that rushes into the heart and mind of our sons and daughters and results in faith-fueled action for God’s glory and neighbor’s good. Excellence is not based in results, but in the discipline and consistency of what we do and how we do it, 1 Peter 1:5.

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