Our pastors

and their family

Ismael Uribe

Lead Pastor

Since 2006, he has beed the lead pastor at Abundant Life. Pastor Ismael is very passionate for teaching and preaching God's Word. Every week, he brings a fresh, relevant and challenging message. He graduated from University of Redlands and Fuller Theological Seminary. His ministry has impacted the streets of San Bernardino as well as many lives around the world. Among many virtues, pastor Ismael is a great speaker, theologian, teacher and musician. He has impactful materials for pastors, leaders, churches, couples.
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Maria Uribe


Since 2006, as well, she has been ministering with her husband at Abundant Life. She is an advocate for social justice and in 2015 she launched REXPECT ministry, a ministry for human sex traffic victims. She is in the process of finishing her Master's at Fuller Theological Seminary. Pastor Maria is not only a great speaker, but an artist as well. Her passion for painting have impacted and inspire many people. As a result, she is launching a ministry called "Paint for Healing."  
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Nathan is a passionate and talented artist. He is a musician, songwriter and singer. His passion is not limited to music. His heart cries out for the vulnerable, specially children. He has been involved in mission trips to one of most endanger and isolated neighborhoods in Tijuana, Mexico.


Clarissa is a passionate worshiper. She is capable of changing the atmosphere of the room by worshiping. Her influence among today's generation is one of the highlights of her life. She is our youth leader and  is always looking for ways to improve her ministry and take it to the next level. She also helps in  the multimedia ministry.